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Boxed • Brand building & campaigns

With Boxed, more is more.

Boxed is an online warehouse club. Think Costco sizes, with Amazon convenience. I spent most of 2017 helping them establish a brand identity, and executing creative work across every. possible. marketing channel. In short…

We made millennial parents laugh…

and cry…

Of the many odds and ends I produced at Boxed, one of my favorites was this tender note to the mothers of New York for the 2017 Mother’s Day issue of New York Magazine.

…and laugh some more.

We gave life (and a sense of humor) to a brand of a thousand brands.

One of the biggest creative challenges for a retail platform that represents 1000+ brands is developing a language that's:

  1. strong enough to stand on its own, and

  2. flexible enough to show different brands play nicely together.

I drove a refresh of the art direction, stripping America's most beloved brands down to their elements and making them all feel like they were part of the same sandbox. Pairing that with a surprising new tone of voice, we relaunched the brand's new art & copy on the streets of Austin, Boston, and NYC.

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Boxed + Planters + 2 NY Yankees = Joy in Bulkloads

If you’ve every tried handing a New Yorker something on the street (or watched those poor street teams who get paid a pittance to try), you know New Yorkers don’t stop for anything. So when we asked ourselves how we could get New Yorkers to stop for peanuts during the midtown lunch rush, the answer was clear: get a couple of New York Yankees to do it.

Boxed x Facebook Live

There was a lot of buzz around the Live feature when Facebook first launched it, but it didn’t seem like brands were using it very effectively. After a series of fairly odd attempts, we nailed it by simplifying our thinking, and asking ourselves: what would people actually watch?

With a little strategic teasing, we launched this (admittedly pretty dumb!) mini-campaign… and quadrupled our social engagement!

Launching new products: Prince & Spring

Boxed’s very own in-house product line — named for the New York City streets that the company’s original office sat between — was constantly testing and developing entryways into new verticals. And it was my team’s responsibility to come up with clever and relatively cost efficient ways to support those launches.

Some launches were made with a simple paid ad unit, like this:


Others demanded a bigger splash, like Prince & Spring Fruitmojis (think Welch’s Fruit Snacks, but 💩)


My year in-house at Boxed saw all that, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! 

I Like working closely with the CRM team to overhaul the email program from the ground up, and upping the ante on all organic social channels, overseeing external production partners while building out a fully-loaded photography studio in the company’s warehouse in Union City, New Jersey. Because when you’re buying in bulk with Boxed… or when you lead an in-house creative team and have carte blanche to truly build the brand… more is more.

MY ROLE: Creative Director, writer

CMO: Jackson Jeyanayagam
Strategy: Elyse Burack, Emily Kalen, Katelyn Berk
Comms: Ash Prashar
Art Direction & Design: Ryan Carl, Elyse Viviano, Steve Lowe
Copywriters: Jessica Rotondi, Dhruv Nanda
Directors: JEAN, Marcus A. Clarke
Production: Misha Luoy & Brian Turner x DECON, EVB, Marilyn Chew