PRODUCT LAUNCH: Snack your face off.

Snack your face off

Boxed is constantly launching new products under its private label, Prince & Spring. To hype new products, my team created lockstep efforts across PR, paid social, and even some fun street stunts, like the time we all dressed up as P&S Fruitmojis (think Welch’s Fruit Snacks, but 💩) for the New York Halloween Parade. We sold a ton of them. Oh and Refinery29 was, like, obsessed.

My role: Creative Director, Writer
CMO: Jackson Jeyanayagam
Strategy: Jeff Gamsey, Annslee DeLuca, Elyse Burack, Emily Kalen, Katelyn Berk
Comms: Ash Prashar
Art Direction & Design: Ryan Carl, Elyse Viviano, Steve Lowe
Copywriter: Jessica Rotondi
Production: EVB, Julia Blanter, Marilyn Chew