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Archive • ASMR, hackathons, etc.

The Archive

Every creative has a handful of work that, for whatever reason, doesn’t pass the “book worthy” test.

Maybe they’re one offs that feel a bit orphaned without a big campaign…

Or maybe they weren’t “big ideas” per se…

Or maybe they’re student work and we’re, sadly, too old for that shit.

Or maybe we’re just not ready to Marie Kondo them out of our books because they’re still fun to look at and talk about.

Below are a few of mine:

Everything was so dull, then I met you.

Charlotte Cho, queen bee of Korean Beauty, started her own product line called “Then I Met You.” For the launch, Instead of your typical step-by-step demo video, we got weird and created this more artful piece, tapping into ASMR, which the kids are very into these days.

(Watch with headphones for the full experience 🎧)

ROLE: ACD/writer, TEAM: AGENCY: Red Antler, CCO: Simon Endres, CD: Lindsay Brillson, Creatives: Sarah Betts, Elisa Werbler, Haley Stark, Jake Lane



BMW X Instagram Canvas

Bmw and four other luxury brands were invited to Facebook’s NYC HQ for a week-long hackathon to test Instagram’s latest ad product: the Stories Canvas Unit,

create an innovative experience that feels native to the platform.

Borrowing from the the first-ever X2’s flipped kidney grille, and the realization that Instagram doesn’t reorient when the user flips their mobile device, we created the ad unit entirely upside down, driving home the strategy for this particular model: this rebellious model is for those who #unfollow.

We won the $10,000 media prize at the end of the Facebook Hackathon, and the unit dovetailed into The Unfollowers Project — the creative campaign developed by Kirshenbaum Bond.

ACD/AD Partner: Mariam Farooq
ACD/Copy: Yours truly
AD: Stephanie Gerbino
Strategy: Colby O’Neil
bmw Client lead: Eric Vicedomini
Production: The Colonie


Budweiser • Infected by Music

As part of Anheuser Busch's 2016 Tomorrowland sponsorship, I led a team of photographers through crowds and stage pits to create content on the fly for ELEVEN beer brands in the AB portfolio across THIRTY global markets. Highlights include:

  • Developed integrated social/paid media assets from a music video shoot with W+K Amsterdam and CANADA (the production company, not the country).

  • Led creative development with a handful of influencers at AB InBev's private VIP Brew District.

  • Shot and managed #fomo-inducing content in real time at the festival. For all. eleven. brands.

  • Walked 13+ miles a day and consumed enough waffles and beer for this lifetime and probably the next.


Role: ACD/writer

AGENCY: Virtue Worldwide, ECD: Tom Punch, CD: Vasili Gavre, Creative: Andy Verderosa, Strategy: Amanda Rue


Jan at the desk

Jan's daily eccentricities sell a ton of sheet metal. And since you're probably wondering, the answer is yes, the actors who play Jan from Toyota and Flo from Progressive are totally friends in real life.

This campaign has dozens (maybe hundreds?) of TV spots.

Here are a few that I wrote.

Role: Senior copywriter

AGENCY: Saatchi New York, ECD: Mark Reichard, CDs: Brian Riemer, Frank Fusco, ACD/AD: Elaine Andrade, AD: Chris D’Acunto


Suave x Pinterest

In 2015, Pinterest launched this super fun little mobile ad unit called the Cinematic Pin, which allowed the user to control the unit’s motion as they scrolled.

To show off two of the amazing benefits that Suave’s new sea salt spray offered, we made these two units.

Thumbing those beachy waves back and forth was extremely addictive.


Role: Senior creative

CD: Elaine Andrade, AD partner: Priyanka Pulijal, Strategy: Amanda Rue



Student work!

Crisis Homeless Charity: Time for Change

The 2008 D&AD student competition called for innovative ways that Britons could give to their local homeless shelter.

We won with this pop-up piggybank mailer, including assembly instructions and a map of drop off locations.

Professor: Frank Anselmo
Partner: Chris D’Acunto


Long’s Horseradish: Unconventional Delivery

Long’s Horseradish has been made in the great Amish Country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania for 5 generations. They’ve proudly NEVER advertised. And they were the subject of the 2008 One Club’s student competition.

We won with this idea, showing Long’s products being delivered through the streets of Manhattan in the most authentic way possible: by the makers themselves, on the horse (and farm equipment) they rode in on.

Professor: Frank Anselmo
Partner: Chris D’Acunto, Alain Baburam, Pablo Velez, Stephen Lobosco


Zagat • Where Do You Want to Go?

Mentor and 20th century ad veteran Jack Mariucci trashed a thousand of my ideas before he said yes to one…

This one picked up Gold at Graphis.